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Saturday, August 05, 2006

How to earn $100/day from adsense? Really

Why $100/day?I set myself the goal of earning $100/day because it is a reasonable and achievable goal where a lot have done it. My ultimate target is to achieve $500/day so that I would become millionaire in 5years time. By achieving $100/day, it gives me encouragement and I could just simply set up another 4 websites which gives similar result to achieve my ultimate goal.

How well do you understand adsense?The adsense formula available online goes like:

Income/ad=CTR*CPC*Page impression*Appearance Frequency*Fractional Payout

We understand that CTR, Page impression and CPC are either controllable function or functions that can be found out. To understand your own data, going into your own google adsense account to analyze them is the best way. Find out how many page impression you have per day, and how many clicks you get out of those impression. Improvement can be done on either getting more traffic or getting more clicks,

How many clicks needed to achieve $100/day?We all know the bottomline of earning more income is to get more clicks. Start to think by asking ourselves what makes people want to click on the ads.We have concluded that the reasons can be:1. People click because the ads have caught their attention to look at them. And from experience, color play an important part here which Red border-Yellow Background and Black border-White Background-Red Font get the attention most.2. People click on ads also because they are looking for more information or solution. For example, if I am ready buyer looking for more information about digicam, higher chance I will click on ads which seem to have an attractive deal.

Learn from those who have achieve it.Besides your own trial and error, learning from those successful earners of adsense is very useful. Study their websites, how they have put their ads in it, how is the layout of the whole webpage, what is it that you like about.

To give you a few example of highly successful earners of adsense, they are:
Michael Cheney
Darren Rowse
Markus Finch

They might have more than just 1 or 2 websites or blog, do a bit of indepth studies about their other sites too.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The nonsense about AdSense

Benjamin Cohen, the former teenaged millionaire, has run into a problem as he tries to make his next million: Google won't pay him for ads run on his website.

Read more about it from,,13129-2123601,00.html

Google AdSense lies at the heart of Google's advertising empire. AdSense ads are the funny little text boxes that are scattered across the internet, displaying links related to the content on a web page. For many sites, AdSense has become the sole source of income, with some small one man band publishing outfits claiming to make in excess of $100,000 through showing the adverts. AdSense also amounts to some 43 per cent of Google's total revenue..........

Thursday, July 27, 2006

NEW!! Keyword Suggestion Tool

Hi all, just added a new keyword suggestion tool, check it out in my sidebar. It provides the comparison between Wordtracker and Overture. By far, the most preferred tool of mine. Alternatively you can go to

After checking the right keyword for your SEO, remember the next step? Do a research on your competitors. Now, there are some myth and truth about the in-bound links. First, the more in-bound links do not necessary means a higher or better search engine rank. You must get those link form pages which also contain similar keywords you are focusing on. Better if you can get those with google page rank higher than 5.

AdSense Success Stories?

We have seen lots of websites and "gurus" showing how they are making money online from ads program, and I ask: Is their a real-life example who earn at least $100 a day on an individual website (not all your websites combined).

Do a search from Yahoo! answer:

One of the best success story with Adsense is Markus Finch, who operates the immensely popular online dating website's business model is different from the subscription based model used by the big online dating websites. Instead of subscriptions, Markus relies on advertising, specifically Google Adsense to derive income from his website. In a post at, Markus reveals that he has earned $1 million from Adsense alone in 3 months, and the lessons he shares are:
1. Understand your traffic and how it could affect your keywords.
2. Create sites that will bring in repeat traffic.
3. Have your users create content and lots of it.
4. Do not enter markets with a lot of competition monitized via adsense.
5. Keep your site simple.
6. Learn from various forums and if people are not talking about your market, there is a good chance you will make money.

It is not easy to predict how much you will earn from Adsense. The only way you can learn about how your site will perform with Adsense is through trying it. The amount you can earn will depend on the
1. Responsiveness of audience to the ads = Users looking to book a travel to Spain comes to your site about tourist destinations in Spain is a site that will do well with Adsense as users are more likely to click on an ad about hotels in Spain. However, if you are a gaming website where the main purpose of the user is to play games on your site, then Adsense will not perform as well.
2. Ad format = some types of ads do better than others depending on your content and layout. In our case, large rectangles in the middle of the content is the best, while leaderboards do not generate as much as income. Skys are the worst for us. Experiment and measure the results via channels and see which formats work best for you.
3. Ad placement - check Google's heat map as they have tested where the best placements are
4. Ad colors - sometimes ads blended into the content works wonders, but sometimes ads that contrast your site colors work best
5. Number of ad units on a page = we are allowed maximum of 3 ads + 1 ad links + 1 search box on a page. Maximize the allowed number based on the resulting look of your page (you don't want an overkill of ads). Users going to your page and reading your content may ignore the banner or rectangle at the top of the page, but may click on the ad at the bottom of the article
6. Smartpricing - the big unknown in Adsense. No one knows how this actually works.

Experiment with the factors above (except smartpricing, which you can't control), and see which combination works best. Remember though that not all sites do well with Adsense - even if you get gazillions of traffic but your visitors are not interested in looking for ways to spend their money, they won't be interested in your ads and won't click.

Blog Add-ons

For an amateur blog, some blog add-ons might be useful:

Adam Kalsey's Button Maker, add a button to your blog
Babel Fish, add a translation tool to your blog
Blog Hot or Not, add a Blog Hot or Not rating bar to your blog.
Blog in Space, feed your blog into outer space
Blogcartoons, Free cartoons to post on your blog, add a Blogroll to your blog, add quiz results to your blog
Brilliant Button Maker, add a button to your blog, add a clock to your blog, add a link roll to your blog, put emoticons and smileys on your blog, add photos to your blog
Frappr, add a Frappr map to your blog
Gabbly, a chat tool for blogs, add comments and trackbacks to your blog
Hello, post images to your blog. Works with Blogger
How Much is My Blog Worth, shows how much your blog is worth to your blog
ImageShack, host images for your blog, put your mood on your blog
Mobber, a chat tool for blogs
Moodsticker, a Moodsticker tracks the current mood of LiveJournal users, put music videos on your blog
MyChingo, add voice comments to your blog
Online Button Maker, add a button to your blog, host images for your blog
Pingoat Blog Worth Calculator, calculate the value of your blog, put polls on your blog
Quizilla, add quizzes to your blog
Sideblog, add a small, seperate sideblog to your blog
Site Meter, add a counter and/or get web traffic measurement for your blog
SketchPlanet, add sketches to your blog
StikIt, StikIt from Opinmind allows bloggers to insert bloggers' opinions about a subject or keyword into their blog.
Street Sign Generator, make a street sign for your blog
Tag-Board, add discussion to your blog
TagCloud, show your blog's most popular tags on your blog
Technorati Profiles, add a profile and search box to your blog, let others tag your blog
Warning Label Generator, make a warning label for your blog, put animated emoticons on your blog Weather Stickers, add a weather sticker to your blog

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

5 mistakes to avoid in Search Engines Optimization

Search engines are a fantastic way to bring targeted visitors to your website. With Forrester Research showing that almost 75% of visitors use search engines to locate new websites, search engines are a prime channel to attract potential customers.
Here are the top 5 mistakes that we see when submitting website to search engines:
Not checking that their site is search engine friendly.
Not having effective links from other websites.
Not having a system to monitor when search engines are updating their databases.
Not testing the keywords, copy and headlines of the web pages prior to submitting the site.
Not having a system to monitor and measure the effectiveness of their search engine listings and website.

Mistake #1 Not checking that their site is search engine friendly before submitting.
There are several tools that can assist you to assess your website against these criteria.
Xenu Link Checker ( Price Free

Mistake #2 Not having effective links from other websites before submitting.
Obtaining links from other websites can be a time consuming process. It is recommended that you implement a system that involves these stages:
Locating relevant websites and assessing their suitability to obtain links to your site
Write to the owners of these sites with an offer to exchange links. It is wise to have already added the link to their website first and draw their attention to this.
Follow up in 14 days if you have not heard back from the site owner, and
Drop their site from your links page if you have not heard back in 30 days

Mistake #3 Not having a system to monitor when search engines are updating databases.
If your site is larger than just a few pages, there is a good chance that your site will not have every page on it included in every search engine's database. Additionally you should identify how frequently your site is being updated in the search engine. If you have added new content to your website or have changed the existing content, it can take a month or so for this to be reflected in the database of the search engines. Once your site has a higher credibility in the search engines this will occur more frequently.
Use ClickTracks Optimizer software for its Robot Reports feature.

Mistake #4 Not testing the keywords, copy and headlines of the web pages prior to submitting the site.
All major search engines now offer some form of paid placement advertising. This is a useful tool to testing which keywords and advertising copy works best to attract sales. The key advantage of using paid placement advertising is that a large number of tests can be conducted in a relatively short period of time to determine the best combination of keywords, offer, headlines, copy, etc that suit your site.
Only after you have identified which particular keywords are suitable for optimizing pages on your site should you then start to fine tune your web pages to rank highly against these keywords. You should also test headlines in your advertisements and these headlines be added to the titles of your web pages.
We recommend WordTracker to identify the most useful keywords.

Mistake #5 Not having a system to monitor and measure the effectiveness of search engine listings and website
Search engine marketing is a continuous process that involves far more than simply obtaining high ranking positions. You need to constantly monitor how many people visit your website from search engines, what keywords they are using, how many of them convert into a sale or sales lead, etc. The secret to success is test, test, test and test again.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

8 Steps To Make Money Online

Can you really make money online? A decent living online?
Yes, absolutely. But do you know 99% of people fail too? Because they don't have a plan and they do it blindly.

We have seen a lot of people making tons of money online, some even go to 6-figures a year. For example, see and . To make money online, it requires only 2 things: Traffics+Ads program. A novice blogger should always focus on building traffic first before optimizing their ads program.

Here are 8 steps which you can follow as a guide:
1. First, get a small booklet from your nearby bookshop. (To keep track your result and recording.) Also prepare some excel spreadsheet for you to keep track your traffics.

2. Start setting and writting down exactly how much you want to earn PER DAY from your ads program. This will help you to visualise with a goal. We have seen lots of people doing blindly with nothing to aspect and at the end fed up with making money online. By setting a realistic and achievable goal, it helps you to built a momentum to reach for higher goal in future.

3. Set a time frame (such as 3 months) to achieve your goal. Ask yourself HOW? are you going to make the $100/day you set for yourself. What do you need to do or learn to achieve it. For begginer, becoming web savvy is important to make money online. You need to know HTML code,blog publishing software,RSS/syndication, search engine optimization (SEO) etc.

4. Dealing with Traffic is a headache for all, even webmaster. To attract traffics, it includes your choice on the keyword, your content and search engine optimization. Doing right things help you attract lots of traffic from search engines. I would recommend you to choose writting topics that you understand a lot. Start writting on things you like and not because of some high-paying keywords. At least 3-4 posts a week in blog is considered suitable, and write informational stuff.

5. Choosing right keyword is important. After choosing a topic to write about, list down in your small booklet all those keywords that relate to your topic. Then do a study on those keywords. Pick up those that has less competition yet many people(at least 100 for last 24 hour) are searching.

6. Chinese famous strategist Sun-Zi said, "Knowing yourself and your enemy, you will win every hundred wars". Know and understand your competitors. Find out what they are doing correct, site that are linking to them(backlink). Copy those correct one, or/and improve what they'd done wrong.

7. Doing SEO is just half task finish in our road making money. The real money comes in only when people click on the ads, always remember this. People don't click ads to help you, they click because they want to know more about the topics you have aroused their interest. Doing some testing on ads placement helps. But keep on testing until you get what you want.

8.Lastly, Review. Write down what you have done right. Review at least 2 times in a month.

To understand more about SEO, I recommend you to go . SEO by itself is a huge topics which require more studies.

Ways To Improve Your PageRank

To make money online, improving your pagerank and search engine ranking is important.

Increase the number of sites linking to you
PageRank is a calculation of the popularity of a web page, based on the quality and number of links that point to it. Basically a link to your page is seen as a vote of confidence, and a vote from a site that has high PageRank is much more valuable. It is quite certain that a link from a PR7 site is worth dozens of links from PR2 sites.
So the best way to improve your PageRank is to get some links from high PR sites. Link exchanges are not the way to go - they are forbidden in the Google Guidelines.

Buying Link
A growing trend is to approach a webmaster of a high PR site and offer to pay for a link. Google has no way of determining whether money changed hands, and the link will be as valuable as an organic one.Here are a few sites that are exchanges selling Text ads.

The biggest directories have quite high PageRank. Open Directory is the best free directory to be listed in. Try . Take some time to pick your category and submit your site. The ODP is free and provides its directory to many search engines and sites, such as Lycos, Netscape and Google.

Copy your Competitors
Visit their homepage, and in the Page Info dropdown box of the Google Toolbar, select "Backward Links". You will then see a list of pages that link to the page you are visiting. It won't list every page, but does list all the ones worth getting a link from.

Friday, July 21, 2006

My Google Adsense Profits

Currently, I have 5 sites posting google adsense ads, some with amazon, some with others ads...Have been doing online earning for almost 3 months now, not really earning high, but strive for better results.

How To Choose Your Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is important as it improve search engine ranking, thus affecting your traffic as well. To start with choosing the right keywords, analyze first about your business or products, then think of all the words that can be relate.
For example, you sell e-book. What are the words would you search for?Understanding this is important to improve search engines ranking.

Below are some important guide when you're choosing the keywords:
Include variations
People will search your site using all sorts of keywords. So using capitalized, plural keywords and different variations in keywords makes your site easy to find.

Avoid wrong keywords
Do not use "stop words"-particles like "and" and "the" and common words like "Internet." Remember, the more specific your keywords are the better the chance that people who find your site through search engines will actually benefit from its content.

Avoid spam
If all your keywords don't relate to your site's content you risk being penalized for spam. Don't include "Mp3" and "sex" in your keyword list if you sell puppy food. Sure, it will drive up traffic temporarily, but it can also get your site rejected from important search engines.

In summary:
Choose appropriate keywords -- it's critical
Include variations of keywords, such as misspelled versions also
Avoid stop words
Place keywords throughout your site