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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How To Double Your Money Online.

We all know that we only earn adsense profits when someone happen to click on those ads. The secret is--Don't make an ads looks like one. So many users have been tricked with ads on the internet nowadays that' they'll avoid clicking on them. So blend the ads in nicely into your website, make them look like they are part of your website. Sometimes google's ad are so nicely modified that people don't even notice there are ads at all.

Secondly, where should we place your ads?and How to? Blend in with content, on the upper or sidebars? Actually there is no exact answer to this. In order to maximize your adsense profits, making your ads look natural or fit into your whole outlook is more important. Personally, I prefer putting amazon ads at the bottom, psychologically, people's wall-of defend against ads is lower to amazon, and you actually can get a lot trageted traffic to click on those amazon ads. For an amateur blog, starting with amazon and adsense is actually a good combination. Well, as long as it brings profits, anything will do.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Michael Cheney's $19,156 profit from Google Adsense

He is by far the most trusted person on the adsense for me. He is THE REAL DEAL and he definitely knows how to make money with adsense. To trust him or not, judge him yourself.

He has given speech to NBC, BBC Radio,Business 2.0, Channel 4's Ideas Factory, ITN's LBC London Radio, The Sunday Times, Yahoo! "Pick of the Week" etc......

His has a few website , with adsense video being one of the most successful.

His personal blog is or

Other website run by him:

Filter Low Paying Ads

One technique for you to identify low paying ads is "websites not selling any product but using PPC only to draw traffic to their sites are low paying".

These are some websites you should add to your ad filter list:

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Adsense Formula

To make money online with ads program, we first have to understand how we are payout. Here is the adsense formula:-
Income per ad= Cost Per Click X Fractional Payout Rate X Click Through Rate X Page Impression X Appearance frequency

1.Cost Per Click
The price the advertiser is bidding to place an ad under the AdWords program and is determined by a complex real time automatic auction process.

2.Fractional Payout Rate
The percentage of revenues that Google pays out to AdSense partners. This figure is not disclosed by Google however, anecdotal evidence suggests the payout rate is good.

3.Click Through Rate: Already mentioned previous post.

4.Page Impression: Already mentioned.

5.Appearance frequency
The number of times a particular ad appears on your page.

Note: Some factors in the equation are uncontrollable by us, such as Fractional Payout Rate(Not disclosed by Google) and Appearance frequency. In order for amateur blog to make money, understanding this formula is crucial.

CTR/eCPM/Page Impression

Before having your strategy making money online, it is important to understand the details of Google Adsense. When you login into your account and look at the reports, you'll see a few abbreviations, these are important to understand in order to maximize your profits.

1. Page Impressions
When somebody clicks on your blog, Google counts that as one page impression. And if that same person browses 10 pages of your site, it is counted as 10 page impressions.

2. CTR
CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is the number of times the ad is clicked on divided by the number of times it is displayed. For example, if you had 2,000 page impressions, and those 2,000 page impressions resulted in 200 clicks, that is a 10% Page CTR (200/2000 = 10%).

3. Page eCPM
eCPM stands for Effective Cost per Millie. Millie means thousand. CPM is what the old world of banner advertisements used in pricing their ads. If a site had a $10 CPM it means that you as an advertiser would pay $10 for every 1,000 page impressions that your ad was shown on.

With AdSense, eCPM is telling you how much you will earn on average for every 1,000 page impressions. For example, if you have a $25 eCPM, you will earn $25 for every 1,000 page impressions on your site. Google shows you this figure so you can get an idea of how much more they are paying you than a banner advertising network will pay you.

What Is Google AdSense?

There are lots of way to make money online. We highly encourage amateur blogger to start with an advertising program called google adsense. The reason is simple, google is a well-known search engine,they get lots of traffic and advertiser, while adsense is easy to use and lots of marketing experts have already made tons from google adsense alone.

If you don't already have an adsense account, you can go to
(Don't Apply Yet, Read on.)

Google Adsense in a nutshell is an online advertisement being put in some html script code on your webpage. When people click on those ads you earn the money. Once a month Google will either send you a check or make a direct deposit into your bank account for the money that you earned (as long as you've earned at least $100).

In order to understand more about Adsense, it is actually related to another Google program named Google AdWords. Google AdWords are those text-only ads that often appear on the right hand side or top of Google's search results page when you search Google.They are powerful because they are targeted.

Advantage of using
To apply an adsense account, you will need a professional looking website. However, if you have a blog from , you can actually get the account within 24 hours. I tried it myself, getting an account is easy and quick from blogger, but do remember to post a few things before applying.

Another important point for amateur blog to follow is the rules/policies of adsense:

How Blog Can Make Money Online?

Before I go into details on how to make money online, let me clarify:

1: There is “NOTHING FOR SOMETHING” in this world! If you want to make money online, there is always a start-up cost, whether you spend it on website hosting, advertising you own website, money spend on some legal issue, etc......

2: A successful online business is NEVER "Just One Click" or without any of your efforts putting in it.

3: Remain skeptical on what those self-claim "Gurus" said. There is a high probability that they are just telling you bullshit and they themselves have not achieve anything. Look for good testimonials, such as Michael Cheney. (I will give you more details on who's the real deal in future.)

4: E-book:Let me tell you a secret, you can actually get lots of e-book for free. Get an e-book only when you yourself feel convinced about what the author have to offer. I myself buy less than 2 e-book a year. And lots of information is actually free from search engines.

So back to the question: How Blog Can Make Money Online?
People make money online either by:
1. selling their own products
2. They become affiliates of those who sell products, and earning commission when someone buy those products.
3. They got it from donation (This is actually one of the most lucrative one, suprise?)
4. They put those pay per click ads program or some sponsor ads on their blog.