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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blog Add-ons

For an amateur blog, some blog add-ons might be useful:

Adam Kalsey's Button Maker, add a button to your blog
Babel Fish, add a translation tool to your blog
Blog Hot or Not, add a Blog Hot or Not rating bar to your blog.
Blog in Space, feed your blog into outer space
Blogcartoons, Free cartoons to post on your blog, add a Blogroll to your blog, add quiz results to your blog
Brilliant Button Maker, add a button to your blog, add a clock to your blog, add a link roll to your blog, put emoticons and smileys on your blog, add photos to your blog
Frappr, add a Frappr map to your blog
Gabbly, a chat tool for blogs, add comments and trackbacks to your blog
Hello, post images to your blog. Works with Blogger
How Much is My Blog Worth, shows how much your blog is worth to your blog
ImageShack, host images for your blog, put your mood on your blog
Mobber, a chat tool for blogs
Moodsticker, a Moodsticker tracks the current mood of LiveJournal users, put music videos on your blog
MyChingo, add voice comments to your blog
Online Button Maker, add a button to your blog, host images for your blog
Pingoat Blog Worth Calculator, calculate the value of your blog, put polls on your blog
Quizilla, add quizzes to your blog
Sideblog, add a small, seperate sideblog to your blog
Site Meter, add a counter and/or get web traffic measurement for your blog
SketchPlanet, add sketches to your blog
StikIt, StikIt from Opinmind allows bloggers to insert bloggers' opinions about a subject or keyword into their blog.
Street Sign Generator, make a street sign for your blog
Tag-Board, add discussion to your blog
TagCloud, show your blog's most popular tags on your blog
Technorati Profiles, add a profile and search box to your blog, let others tag your blog
Warning Label Generator, make a warning label for your blog, put animated emoticons on your blog Weather Stickers, add a weather sticker to your blog


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