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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ways To Improve Your PageRank

To make money online, improving your pagerank and search engine ranking is important.

Increase the number of sites linking to you
PageRank is a calculation of the popularity of a web page, based on the quality and number of links that point to it. Basically a link to your page is seen as a vote of confidence, and a vote from a site that has high PageRank is much more valuable. It is quite certain that a link from a PR7 site is worth dozens of links from PR2 sites.
So the best way to improve your PageRank is to get some links from high PR sites. Link exchanges are not the way to go - they are forbidden in the Google Guidelines.

Buying Link
A growing trend is to approach a webmaster of a high PR site and offer to pay for a link. Google has no way of determining whether money changed hands, and the link will be as valuable as an organic one.Here are a few sites that are exchanges selling Text ads.

The biggest directories have quite high PageRank. Open Directory is the best free directory to be listed in. Try . Take some time to pick your category and submit your site. The ODP is free and provides its directory to many search engines and sites, such as Lycos, Netscape and Google.

Copy your Competitors
Visit their homepage, and in the Page Info dropdown box of the Google Toolbar, select "Backward Links". You will then see a list of pages that link to the page you are visiting. It won't list every page, but does list all the ones worth getting a link from.


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